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Surge Bins

Material Storage Solutions:
Surge Bins
Galvanized Surge Bins

Surge Bins

Surge Bin Photo For your in-plant material storage, Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., offers a wide range of surge bins. With capacities from 30 cu.ft. to 290 cu.ft. and both 45 degree or 60 degree cones. These bins can be custom fabricated to meet the flow characteristics of your material.


  • Many Discharge Options are available such as, Manual or Automatic Operated Slide Gate, Air Take-Away or Auger Take-Away
  • Bag Breaker Grid for Fast Emptying of Bagged Material
  • Material Level Indicators, for Automatic Level Control Signaling
  • Hinged Gasketed Cover, Hole Pattern for Receivers or Cyclones, Cleanable Vent, Discharge Flange, Carbon Steel Construction with Heavy Angle Iron Legs and Reinforcement Bracing are Standard on all Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., Surge Bins
  • Bins are Primed and Painted Outside with a White Industrial Enamel
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Options:

  • Manual or Automatic Slide Gate
  • Side Drain with Shut Off Valve
  • 5" Diameter View Window
  • Ladder
  • Leg Extension for Box Discharge
  • Hole for Level Indicator (High, Mid or Low)
  • Paint Inside of Hopper
  • Special Color Paint
  • Vacuum Take-Away Box
  • Auger Take-Away
  • Hole Pattern for Receivers or Cyclones
  • Epoxy Coated Interior



    Standard Bin Diagram

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    Galvanized Surge Bins

    Galvanized Surge Bin Diagram
    Galvanized Surge Bin Diagram

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