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Control Valve Solutions:
Knife Gate Valves
Wye Line Diverter Valves
Butterfly Valves
Relief Valves

Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate Photo This knife gate valve is designed specifically for handling dry bulk materials. The patented design has eliminated trouble spots inherent with conventional knife gates and butterfly valves.

Features and Options Include:

Double Acting Air Cylinder, Electric Actuator, Handcrank or Chainwheel Actuator

All Moving Parts are Shielded When Gate is Installed

  • Safe operation, no pinch points or exposed moving parts
  • Lightweight Construction Materials - Easier Installation

    Standard Tube or ANSI 125# Pipe Flange Connection

    Optional Position Proofing

    Optional Positioning Controls for Metering Material Flow

    Corrosion and Wear Resistant Construction

  • Improved gate performance on a wide range of materials
  • Extended service lifeL
  • Unobstructed Orifice

  • Unrestricted flow of materials
  • Improved air conveying system performance
  • Cleaner operation
  • Optional Special Service Inlet

    Optional Lined Orifice

    Hard Polymer Seals

  • Wear resistant and long term trouble free service
  • Self-Cleaning Action

  • Mechanically self-cleans on the opening stroke
  • No open chest areas where materials can lodge and remain trapped
  • Superior Closing Action

  • Minimum shearing of materials
  • Reduced gate wear
  • Reliable Sealing*

  • Positive material and air flow shut off up to 15 PSIG
  • *Consult factory for pressure rating of each orifice gate size and series
  • Narrow Profile

  • Easier installation in restricted areas
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    Knife Gate Diagram

  • Standard gate construction will handle applications up to 180û F. (See high temperature modifications)
  • Equipment weighing in excess of 200 lbs., above or below the gate, should be supported to insure optimum gate performance.
  • In order for the Orifice Gate to self-clean, the gate must cycle full open.
  • Knife Gate Diagram


    1. All dimensions are given in inches.
    2. 80 PSIG minimum air actuating pressure.
    3. 200 PSIG maximum air actuating pressure.
    4. Dry, filtered and lubricated actuating air recommended.
    5. The stud bolt pattern straddles transverse centerlines.
    6. Materials of construction - (standard model) Type 304 stainless steel, aluminum and nylon in contact with handled material.

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    Wye Line Diverter Valves

    The wye line diverter valve is specifically engineered for handling dry bulk materials in dilute phase vacuum or pressure pneumatic conveying systems.

    Knife Gate Diagram
    Features and Options Include:

    Reliable Sealing

  • Positive material and air shut-off in vacuum or pressure systems
  • Eliminates material cross contamination / buildup beyond the closed port
  • Choice of Material Contact Metals

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon steel
  • Self-Cleaning on Free-Flowing Materials

  • Clean system operation when installed with the multi-ports up or in a horizontal line.
    Residual materials are removed in the purge cycle.
  • Installation Versatility - 2, 3, or 4 Way Wye Line Diverter Valves

  • More efficient and compact installation
  • Eliminates labor-intensive manual hose manifold
  • Choice of Air Control Valves and Position Proof Switches

  • Reliable "system integrated" automatic operation
  • Choice of Wye Line or Straight Wye Line Configuration

    Material Contact with Seals is Minimized

  • Low blast abrasion
  • Long term, reliable, low cost operation
  • Unobstructed Orifice

  • Unrestricted flow of materials with a smooth bore
  • Improved air conveying system performance
  • Cleaner operation
  • Superior Shearing Action (when required)

  • Minimized shearing of materials
  • Reduced valve wear
  • Hard, Food-Grade Polymer Seals and Corrosive Resistant Construction

  • Improved valve performance on a wide range of materials
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Powerful Double Acting Air Cylinder

  • Instant response when diverting from one line to another
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    Knife Gate Photo
    2-way Wye Line Diverter Configuration
    2-way Wye Line Diverter Chart

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    Butterfly Valves

    Butterfly Valve Photo Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., offers high quality butterfly valves available in trims suited to meet your exact application. One piece body design, in both wafer and lug version. Valves come with epoxy coated bodies, providing excellent corrosion and wear resistance indoors or out.

    Optional Accessories:

  • Manual Actuator
  • Air Actuator
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Limit (Proof) Switch
  • Material Selection

    2" - 20" (50mm - 500mm)


  • Cast Iron ASTM A126 Class B
  • Ductile Iron ASTM A536
  • Cast Steel ASTM A216 WCB
  • Aluminum ASTM B26
  • Disc:

  • Aluminum Bronze ASTM B148-954
  • Coated Ductile Iron ASTM A536 Gr. 65-45-12
  • Ductile Iron, Nylon 11 Coated ASTM A536 Gr. 65-45-12
  • Ductile Iron, Halar¨ Coated ASTM A536 Gr. 65-45-12
  • 316 Stainless Steel ASTM A351 CF8M
  • Hastelloy¨ C-276 ASTM B575 Alloy N10276
  • Seat:

  • Buna-N-Food Grade
  • EPDM-Food Grade
  • FKM
  • White Buna-N-Food Grade
  • Stem:

  • Coated Carbon Steel
  • 416 Stainless Steel ASTM A582 Type 416
  • 304 Stainless Steel ASTM A276 Type 304
  • 316 Stainless Steel ASTM A276 Type 316
  • Monel
  • Butterfly Valves Photo

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    Butterfly Valves Diagram

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    Relief Valves

    For protection of both your vacuum and pressure blower systems, Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., offers high quality relief valves. High capacity full nozzle design. Bronze nozzle, disc and guide with cast iron housing.

    Relief Valve Photo
    Butterfly Valves Diagram

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