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Railcar Unloading Systems

Delivery of plastic resin material by bulk railcar offers significant savings over alternate methods. Recovery of investment is made quickly and the savings soon adds to your financial bottom line. Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., has the quality equipment that you want and the experience that you need to build the pneumatic conveying system best suited to your Railcar Unloading operation. Each customer has their own special requirements for material convey rates and storage capacities. We design and build each Railcar Unloading system from standard components combined specifically to achieve the results that you require. Your requirements will determine whether a vacuum batch, continuous vacuum or pull/push system is best in your application.

Vacuum Loader Unit

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Filter Receivers

Filter receivers are used instead of a cyclone collector in a railcar unload system to separate material and dust from air when conveying powder, granular, or pellet material. Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc. filter receivers operate on reverse air pulse principle. When product and dusty air enters the filter receiver the heavy product falls by gravity to the Filter Receiver Photo1 discharge cone and rotary airlock. The dusty air passes through the filter bags, leaving dust on the bag exterior. Filtered air is drawn by vacuum through the vacuum pump and is exhausted to atmosphere. An electric timer actuates valves in sequence, which releases compressed air through venturi tubes. Shock waves formed in the venturi travel downward and release caked dust from the bag exterior onto the product in the discharge cone. The standard unit is of carbon steel construction, includes 11O VAC auto sequencing reverse pulse timer controls in a NEMA 4 enclosure, 16 oz. polyester felt filter bags, differential pressure gauge, inlet stub in cone, outlet stub on the filter head, and industrial enamel coated exterior.

  • Top Bag Removal
  • Internal Safety Grid
  • FDA Epoxy Interior
  • Level Switch Opening
  • Service Access Platform Ladder
  • Vibrator Pad
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 3"0 Poke Hole
  • Dual Access Doors for Ease of Maintenance
  • Support Legs
  • Top Port with Quick Disconnect Clamp
  • Selection of Filter MediaM
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    Filter Receiver Chart2

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    Cyclone Collectors

    Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., cyclones are a high efficiency design constructed of carbon steel. We offer several models with capacities 100 to 45,000 CFM.

    Cyclone Collector

  • Removes Dust and Other Particles for Processing Operations
  • Separates Material from Air in Material Conveying Applications
  • Floating Inlet and Outlet Flanges for Unlimited Directional Rotation
  • Options Include Rain Caps, Horizontal Outlets, Sight Glasses, Multiple Inlets
  • Model ASC Spun Cyclone-Low Volume

    The Model ASC cyclone cone is spun over a steel mandrel, producing a work-hardened surface that is extra hard and perfectly symmetrical.

  • Very High Efficiency
  • One Piece Spun Steel Body
  • Three Height Selections
  • Cyclone Collector Chart
    Cyclone Collector Chart2
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    Model AC Cyclone - High Volume

    Rolled and fabricated long cone design for high volume applications.

    Cyclone Collector Photo

  • Two Piece Design
  • Special Materials Available
  • 18" to 144" Diameters in 6 Increments
  • High Volume - 500 to 45,000 CFM
  • Cyclone Collector Diagram
    Cyclone Collector Diagram Cyclone Collector Diagram
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    Rotary Airlock Feeders

    Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., can provide a rotary airlock feeder for every application where a dry material in powdered or granular form is gravity fed or conveyed pneumatically. The standard fall through airlock is provided completely assembled and includes TEFC motor with right angle gear drive, chain drive with guard, cast iron body and carbon steel rotor.

    Rotary Airlock Photo Options:

  • Chrome Plated Interior
  • Stainless Steel Rotors
  • Shaft Air Purge
  • Open or Closed End Rotors
  • Relief Vanes (Recommended for Plastic Pellets)
  • Adjustable Tips
  • Housings Available in Stainless Steel
  • Accessories:
  • Throw-Out Cone
  • Inlet Adapters
  • Vented Inlet Adapters
  • Convey Line Discharge Adapters
  • Maintenance Gates
  • Pellet Valves
  • Zero Speed Switches
  • Rotary Airlock Feeders Diagram
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    Rotary Airlock Feeders Diagram Rotary Airlock Feeders Photo
    Rotary Airlock Feeders Diagram
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    Rotary Airlock Feeders Diagram
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    Controls-Railcar Unloader

    Basic Railcar Unloader Panel

    Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., control panels for railcar unloaders are designed and custom programmed to fit the exact needs of each system. Even though the basic concept of most dilute phase railcar unloading systems is the same, individual installations will vary in regard to number of silos, type and location of level controls, number of electric motors, optional sensors and accessory equipment. Our control panels are designed for reliability, ease of operation and years of consistent service in an industrial environment.

    Basic Railcar Unloader Panel (Shown) Includes:

  • Off/On Switch
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Touch Pad Interface
  • Start Button
  • Stop Button
  • Silo Selector Switch
  • Silo High Level Light Each Silo
  • Silo Low Level Light Each Silo
  • Bin Vent Run Light (Optional)
  • Alarm Horn with Red Beacon
  • Alarm Acknowledge Button
  • NEMA 4 Enclosure
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    Railcar Unloading Accessories

    Basic Railcar Unloader Panel

    Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., manufactures standard unloading components for off-loading plastic pellets and powders from railcars in dilute phase conveying systems.

    Railcar Adapters

    Railcar discharge adapter fits over the end of the discharge tube on the bottom of the railcar and connects to the convey hose coming from the pipe manifold. A rotating outer sleeve allows adjustment of the air-to-material ratio.

  • Available Sizes: 2"-6" Tube or Pipe
  • Standard Construction: Aluminum
  • Hose End Connections: Plain End, Female or Male Quick Disconnect
  • Hatch Filters

    Basic Railcar Unloader Panel

    When unloading railcars, the hatch on each compartment must be open to allow air to take the place of the material being withdrawn. The railcar hatch filter mounts on the hatch opening and prevents contamination of material.

  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Pleated Replaceable Filter Element
  • Air Inlet Filters

    Basic Railcar Unloader Panel

    The inlet filter fits on the far side of the railcar discharge and prevents contaminents from entering the conveying air stream.

  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Replaceable Aluminum Mesh Filter
  • To complete your railcar manifold, see Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., catalog sections on Flexible Hose, Pipe and Tube Welded Fabrications, Compression Couplings and Installation Hardware.

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