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Dry Bulk Storage Solutions:
Bolted and Welded Silos
Corrugated-Wall Silos
Silo Maintenance Gates
Silo and Surge Bin Accessories
Bin Level Controls
Ultrasonic Continuous Level Measurement

Bolted and Welded Silos

Let Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., help with all your material handling and storage needs. We supply top quality smooth-wall bolted and welded storage silos designed and engineered specifically to suit the application. A range of sizes and factory coatings are available to tackle most industrial applications. When storing bulk solids, interior coatings are selected to protect against corrosion and abrasion.

Exterior coatings are selected to provide protection against the effects of weather and tough environments. Silos can be designed to accommodate most loading and unloading systems, material flow characteristics and product weight. The engineering of each silo is guaranteed after careful consideration is given to seismic zone requirements, snow and wind loading.

Available Accessories Include:

  • Filter Flanges for Deck Mounted Bin Vent Filters
  • 2 ft. x 5 ft. Doors in Skirted Silos with Larger Openings Available
  • OSHA Approved Ladders, Guardrails and Cross-Overs
  • Material of Tank Construction - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Selection of Manways and Relief Valves
  • Standard Hopper Angles of 45, 60 and 70 Degrees
  • Special Hoppers and Discharge Flanges Can be Provided
  • Level Indicator Openings
  • Bolted Silos Welded Silos

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    Silo Capacities

    Silo Capacities
    Silo Capacities
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    Corrugated-Wall Silos

    Bolted corrugated-wall storage silos offer an alternative to smooth-wall bolted and welded models. Low maintenance, galvanized finish, steel silos are rugged and economical. This type of tank is ideal for free flowing material weighing 45 pounds per cubic foot.

  • Available in Legged or Skirted Models
  • 45 Degree and 60 Degree Hoppers
  • Sizes 6 ft. to 18 ft. Diameter
  • Capacities to 7,000 cu. ft.
  • Corrugated-Wall Silo Corrugated-Wall Silo diagram
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    Corrugated-Wall Silo diagram
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    Industrial Skirted Corrugated Hopper diagram
    Industrial Skirted Corrugated Hopper diagram
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    Silo Maintenance Gates

    Silo maintenance gates provide a positive shut-off of material below silos or surge bins. Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., valves are available for powder or pellet applications.

    Powder Valve

    Constructed of aluminum channel, these valves are the best choice for handling fine materials and powders. The 304 stainless steel blade, manual hand crank actuator and nylon seals make for a quality valve designed for fine powders in a dilute phase application. Powder Valve Diamgram
    Hand crank actuator Photo

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    Pellet Valve

    When working with pellet material, our economical pellet silo maintenance valve uses the same aluminum channel construction but does not have the tight tolerances required for handling fine powders. Valve comes with all aluminum product contact surfaces and hand crank actuator. Powder Valve Diamgram
    Hand crank actuator Photo

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    Silo and Surge Bin Accessories

    Vacuum Take Away Boxes

    Each installation is unique and we know that. Our vacuum take away boxes (VTA's) are built to your specification.

    acuum Take Away box photo To Order:

  • Confirm Opening Size of Your Surge Bin or Silo
  • Material Being Conveyed
  • Size and Number of Convey Lines
  • Orientation of Vacuum Take-Off Stubs
  • Options Needed
  • Options:
  • 2.0", 2.5", 3.0", 4.0", 5.0", 6.0" Vacuum Stubs
  • Clean-Out Doors
  • Sight Windows
  • Discharge Valves for Gaylord Filling
  • Quick Disconnect Connections on Vacuum Stubs
  • Aluminum, Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Tube in Tube Stub Design (Granular or Powdered Materials)

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    Bin Level Controls

    Rotary Level Switches Model KA

    Rugged and reliable paddle type switches are compatible with many granular, pelletized and powder bulk applications. Paddle units can be used for high level indication of materials over 10 lbs./ft3 and for low and intermediate level indication for materials over 5 lbs./ft3. Rotary level switches can be installed on bins, hoppers, silos and tanks.

  • Motor Voltages-115 VAC, 230 VAC, 24 VAC, and 48 VAC
  • High Temperature Models Available
  • Explosive-Proof Models Available
  • Paddle Assemblies Offered in Various Lengths and Configurations

  • Plumb Bobs

    Plumb bob continuous measurement bin monitors provide accurate measurements of materials in tanks, silos and bins up to heights of 200 feet. When activated, the weighted plumb bob (attached to a durable cable) is dropped into the vessel. As the weight descends, the unit provides an output proportional to the length of the released cable. When the plumb bob reaches the level of the material being measured, a slight slack in the cable is immediately sensed and the level of the material is displayed on the panel.

    Model CM-3A

  • Accurate, Repeatable Measurements
  • Dual-Compartment Design Separates Mechanical from Electrical Elements
  • Stainless Steel Cable
  • Cast Aluminum or Polymer Housing
  • Quick Cycle Speed
  • Pre-Wired, Color Coded Terminal Strip

  • Control Panels

    Model CM-3A Model CM-3A

    Available Panels Include:

  • Single Station
  • 22 Station Electro-Mechanical
  • Electronic Multi-Station
  • Additive or Subtractive Count
  • 115 VAC or 230 VAC

  • Proximity Switches

    Capacitance type proximity switches are available in a range of power requirements based upon your needs. Used to detect powders, granules, solids and water.

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    Ultrasonic Continuous Level Measurement

    Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc., offers a full line of ultrasonic continuous level measurement products. These products are only intended for solids measurement and are therefore focused on these very difficult measurement applications. Systems with transmitters are available for easy-to-measure materials. Sensor/Controller systems solve the measurement problems found with more difficult powders or dusty materials.

    How They Work:
    This type of product utilizes the principles of ultrasonic technology to provide accurate level measurements in solids storage vessels. A non-contact Sensor/Controller or Transmitter emits ultrasonic pulses, which are reflected by the measured surface of material. A reflected pulse is called an echo. The distance measurement from the sensor or transmitter to the material is directly related to the duration of time necessary for the echo to return to the sensor or transmitter. The sensors provide a signal to a controller which then analyzes the signal, using specially designed software, to ultimately provide reliable measurements of distance, level, volume, percentage, or whatever characteristic the user chooses. The transmitters provide a 4-20 mA signal proportional to the material level.

    Sensor/Controller-All solid materials including powders, granules and pellets in applications with ranges up to 165 feet. Transmitters-Granules or pellets in applications with ranges up to 52 feet.


  • Unique Signal Pre-Amplification at the Sensor Provides Maximum Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Unmatched Echo Mapping
  • Diagnostic LEDs Provide for Easier Installation
  • Up to 165 ft. Range in Most Solids Storage Vessels
  • Choose from Economical Stand-Alone Transmitters and More Sophisticated Sensor/Controller Systems

  • Controller: Control panels for ultrasonic measurement systems are available in single station, dual station and eight station configurations.

    Sensors & Controllers

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